Honor Roll of Volunteers

We would like to recognize the volunteers that make everything possible for the PTA.  The Executive Committee has established an Honor Roll of Volunteers that we know will continue to grow.  Did we miss someone? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll add their name to our list.  Help us say THANK YOU to all these amazing people!

Allison Taimanglo
Allyson Noble
Alyssa Simon
Amie N’Dure
Andrew Behr
Andrew Derer
Ariana Rendon
Candi Sparrow
Catherine Estes
Cathy Gwin
Christine Carroll
Cindy Ferrier
Claudia Rio
Colleen McEnearney
Crislyn Lumia
Dana Damico
David Drembus
Delonna White
Elizabeth Turnbull
Emily Babcock
Emily Coffin
Eugenie Ballering
Gabriela Canamar Clark
Gayle Hartman
Greta Gordon
Hannah Russell-Hunter
I Salako
Imani Thaniel
Jaime Dawson
Jenn Topping
Jennifer Pulliam
Jenny Ware
Jessica Hazlett
Jill Koly
Joan Diehl
Jodi Zand
Julia Egy
Julie Smallman
June Shih
Karen Panth
Karis Cavender
Kathryn Dalton
Katie Attiken
Katie Finn
Keely Vitale
Kelly Conlan Baron
Laura Jennings
Laura Negrón Monllor
Marie Randall
Maureen McNulty
Meghan Peri Crimmins
Melanie Peterson
Melanie Roberts
Meredith Sawyer
Missy Estabrook
Profe Salako
Purvi Irwin
Reagan Moore
Rendy Brown
Robert Knotts
Sarah Schlutz
Suzanne Berkey
Teresa Schofield
Teri Gennarelli
Tiffany Porter
Tom Gaffney
Tonya Gibbs
Vandy Pullen
Walter Watkins

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