Honor Roll of Donors

George Washington Middle School PTA invites you to join the Honor Roll of Donors. This program allows parents and community members to give directly to the PTA. 100% of your donation goes towards making our schools better than ever. A donation of any size makes a difference!
Your donation helps to provide:
  • Teacher Education Grants that promote and enable innovative teaching
  • After School Tutoring Support
  • Science Fair Support
  • National History Day Support
  • School Play
  • Community-Building Events, such as dances
  • Student Directory
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Cultural Enrichment with Field Trips
  • Resources to Provide Important and Timely Information to Parents
Thank you again for your support!
The GW Donors Committee
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Donations to GWMS PTA are fully tax-deductible, and you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation.

2021-2022 Honor Roll of Donors

The GWMS PTA takes pride in providing this Honor Roll of Donors for the 2021-2022 school year. We sincerely thank all listed below for their support of the GWMS PTA.

  • Anonymous
  • GWMS PTA Officers (Joy Pochatila, Reagan Moore, Krista Tongring, Greg Ruff, Kristina Seppala, Marie Randall)
  • Graham and Sue Setliff
  • Kimberly Fondren
  • Cathy and Peter Gwin
  • Jack Gallardo’s Family
  • Jennifer Pulliam
  • Teresa Schofield
  • Elizabeth Klein
  • Elizabeth Webber
  • Harold Hernly
  • Elizabeth Salgado
  • Linda Williams
  • Catherine Estes
  • Jessica Hazlett
  • Crystall Merlino
  • Jennifer Mattson
  • Danielle Aiello
  • Rene Browne
  • Kelley O’Dell
  • Maria Pellegrini
  • Maureen McNulty
  • Christine Halsey
  • Tara Kilfoyle
  • Kathryn Pattarini
  • John Major
  • Nancy Drane and Dana Colarulli
  • Mariel Rodriguez
  • Meghan Crimmins
  • Greta Gordon
  • Clease Erikson
  • Christina Schwengel
  • Gabriela Canamar Clark
  • Missy Estabrook
  • Martha Davis
  • Deborah Nemeth
  • Erin Kidd
  • Mary Ritley
  • Alexander St Clair
  • Jennifer Ware
  • Arthur Smith
  • June Shih
  • Randy and Lindsay Clarke
  • Claire and Matthew Maucieri
  • Maria Salinas
  • Preshion Lynch
  • Stephanie Nagel
  • Megan Hess
  • Bonnie Naugle
  • Linda Jarrett
  • Jennifer Heatherington
  • Lisa Camooso Miller
  • Melanie Peterson
  • Jessica Wszalek
  • Andy Davis
  • Molly Pugh
  • Andrew Corso
  • Jessie Kamens
  • Carly Robb
  • Joe Cavender
  • Megan Tempel-Milner
  • Sue Heiler
  • Carrie Keene
  • Kristen Weber
  • Bonnie Naugle
  • Teri Gennarelli

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the list, but any person who finds an error or omission should contact Joy Pochatila.