A Message from the PTA President

The GWMS PTA kicked off the Honor Roll of Donors Campaign this week. Our goal is to raise $10,000 between now and December 17th – and so far, our total is $7,100!

How does your monetary donation translate into support to our GWMS community?

  • $1000 – Fully fund the Family Emergency Assistance program for our social worker. The fund provides support for the neediest children for items such as health snacks, eyeglasses, and emergency clothing.
  • $500 – One teacher grant providing additional resources for our children’s education.
  • $115 – A scholarship for a child to attend after school activities with Alexandria Soccer Association.
  • $75 – Coffee for our monthly staff and teacher appreciation breakfast.
  • $50 – Rewards for the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), where children spend the Prexie dollars they earned for good behavior.
  • $25 – Awards for our competitions, such as Reflections, Science Fair, and National History Day

To recognize the generosity of our families and friends, donor names will be listed in the Honor Roll of Donors posted on the GWMS PTA website and published each week in the Town Crier. Donors can opt out of this recognition if they choose.

All contributions are TAX-FREE. You can donate through our PayPal account using this link:

Joy Pochatila
GWMS PTA President 2021-2022